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Tiskel Cloud is the taxi dispatch system that drives you forward

The most efficient and modern taxi dispatch system you can have right now
Visual of taxis location and route and new connection inside taxi dispatch software.

Your own Uber-like app

Three smartphone with mobile app for passergers inside taxi dispatch system

Grow up with

Increase Efficiency through Automation
Change the way you settle accounts for drivers, passengers and much more with just one click
Analyze Your Growth
Get to know your customers better. Browse and download ready-made analyses and reports.
Communication is The Key
Stay in touch with drivers and keep control of your business.

Chat with Us Inside the App

Get immediate assistance every time you need to contact us. You'll get a response in seconds. Conveniently and instantly.

Control Your Business with Around 1100 Settings

Customize Your Business to Your Needs
Adjust the software for yourself or use the default configuration.
Specially Crafted for Your Business
Write to us, and we'll add a feature you need if it's not already there!

Modern and Intuitive Customer App

Modern Design
The minimalist app design will attract new customers.
Many Features
Track driver positions, plan orders, vehicle information, and much more!
Ordering a taxi with map inside taxi dispatch system

Make Your Drivers' Work Easier

Simple System for Drivers
An intelligent and simple app for drivers to drive without problems.
More Jobs, Easier Work
Possible integration with Google Maps, Booking, and other providers.
Direct Messages
You can send messages to drivers directly in the app – to one driver or a specified group.
Secure Solutions
Voice notifications, task details playback, and much more to help the driver drive safely.
More Possibilities
Let your drivers work the way they like.
Messages inside taxi driver app.

Multiple Integrations
Get more jobs with Tiskel Cloud and integration.
Taxi Butler
Receive jobs directly from hotels and other Taxi Butler partners.
Google Maps
Use your preferred solutions, avoid traffic, and choose better routes with Google Maps.
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Do you need a dispatch system not for a taxi company?

We will customize our system to meet your needs. Do you have a catering company, rental service? Write to us. We will definitely help.

Frequently asked questions

Taxi dispatch system such as Tiskel Cloud helps you organize your taxi company. It is a management system that accepts and distributes jobs among drivers from passenger app, phone calls and other sources.

Tiskel Cloud is the best taxi dispatch system you can use if you are looking for a powerful and easy-to-use taxi software for your company

Dispatch software on the market costs around $10 per driver, but Tiskel Cloud is your cheaper option! Look at our friendly pricing.
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