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Stay competitive with your own Uber-like app

An intuitive and modern app for your clients allows tracking drivers, see prices, and much more.

See features of the mobile app

See why you should use our mobile application
Uber-like interface
Modern design is going to let you compete with the biggest competition. It is clear, intuitive and full of features that will make ordering a cab easier.
Smartphone with a mobile app and map of a taxi route.
Booking a taxi is as simple as that. It is a guarantee of satisfaction. The passenger only needs to wait for the driver to accept the job, and that's it.
Smartphone with a mobile app and map of a taxi route.
Real-time tracking
Passengers can see all vehicles in real time. They also see such detail as cab's model, color and plate number.
Smartphone with a mobile app and map of a taxi route.
App that suits your brand
Mobile application for passengers is also a modern showcase of your company - your colors and logo.
Smartphone with a mobile app for ordering a taxi.

Frequently asked questions

No, it’s not! It is all included in our dispatch system for taxi. See our simple pricing: here

It will be available on Google Play and App Store. Don't worry about creating an account on Google Apps and App Store, and don’t bother with adding applications. We will take care of it! The mobile app will be available on our account. It is not possible to assign it to another account.

We will add your logo, colours, and all information so it matches your brand and upload it on Google App and App Store!
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