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Connections and a phone system integrated with your taxi system

Receive calls on your phone, work remotely, transfer calls to drivers. Check out the solutions used by thousands of drivers worldwide.
pudełko ze strzałkami i informacjami o wirtualnej kasie fiskalnej.

Communication is key, and you communicate the way you want

Discover telephone solutions for taxis that enable smooth communication between customers, dispatchers, and drivers. The Tiskel Cloud taxi system combines various solutions, allowing you to decide how you want to work.
Use internationally
Asterisk turns a computer into a communication device. It is the most popular such solution in the world, integrated with the Tiskel Cloud system.
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Let drivers receive calls
Don’t want a call center or additional staff during peak hours? Tiskel Cloud provides you with a range of possibilities, including drivers receiving calls at any time.
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Frequently asked questions

Yes, integration with external phone systems allows for this possibility. For more information, contact us. Visit the contact section.

Yes, thanks to the integration of the Tiskel Cloud system with external solution providers, it is possible.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that allows voice to be transmitted over the internet. In the taxi industry, this technology is used by dispatchers who receive calls from passengers without using physical phones, only through a computer program. Tiskel Cloud, of course, supports this technology. Visit the contact section and contact us to learn more.
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