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Tiskel Cloud connects your dispatchers, drivers, managers and you easily. It's a guarantee of a better performance and efficiency in your company. All-in-one solution for all your business operations.
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All-in-one cab dispatch system, optimized work, automatic distribution of jobs and more

An online taxi dispatch software with no installation needed, optimization, and automated actions will make your work so much easier. Includes real-time vehicle tracking, caller ID and VoIP integrations. You can test the full version of Tiskel Cloud for free.
The most powerful dispatch system for taxi with 1100 configurable options
Tiskel Cloud is a powerful taxi system that allows you to customize every aspect to suit your company's needs. Despite its capabilities, our software is easy to use. A clear interface and intuitive navigation enable smooth and hassle-free operation.
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Solve all your problems with us in the blink of an eye
Use the convenient support chat inside Tiskel Cloud to get instant help whenever you need it. It helps your dispatchers and managers rapidly change system configurations. You can also use our step-by-step tutorials. All inside our taxi booking system.
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Drivers and dispatchers work is now easy and effortless
Tiskel Cloud is a modern taxi dispatch system. Real-time vehicle tracking, automated and fair job distribution, caller ID recognition, and regular free updates are just a few of its advantages.
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See your growth
Ready reports will allow you to see your growth and analyse every aspect of your business. Colour and convenient graphs enhance visual representation, making data analysis more accessible and engaging.
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Frequently asked questions

Register, use Tiskel Cloud for 14 days for free, add your card as a payment method, activate the paid version in Payments -> Offer and Services, and keep using our taxi dispatch system. You can activate additional services, such as a mobile app, anytime you want.

Tiskel Cloud is an advanced dispatch system for taxis that allows you to work effortlessly and is fully automated. You can adjust almost 1200 settings for your business, start using Tiskel in just a few clicks and test it for 14 days for free. With Tiskel Cloud you get a modern app for your customers and a clean app for drivers with many functions that help your driver work easily every day. A powerful dispatch system makes dispatching easy and fast. Tiskel Cloud organizes your business and much more.

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