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Get More Jobs with Taxi Butler and Tiskel Cloud

Integrating Tiskel Cloud with Taxi Butler means more jobs for your drivers and a range of new possibilities.
Booking Taxi API Integrations

Taxi Butler makes new jobs

Taxi Butler is a device for quick taxi ordering from places like hotels or restaurants, allowing one-button vehicle placement at the door.
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Easy to start

Just unlock the option to accept jobs from Taxi Butler in Tiskel Cloud settings, and you can receive jobs that automatically enter the taxi system and are dispatched according to your preferences.
Taxi Butler Taxi API Integrations

Benefits of Taxi Butler integration

Increased number of jobs
New jobs from local businesses go straight to your system.
Automatic bookings
Bookings automatically appear on your account and are distributed to drivers, you don't have to do anything with them.
Exclusivity among hotels and venues
Thanks to integration with Taxi Butler, you gain recognition among venue and hotel clients.

Frequently asked questions

Taxi Butler is a device chosen by hotels and venues for quick taxi ordering. Simply enter the destination location once on the device, then the taxi system picks up such an order and sends a cab to the location.

With Taxi Butler devices, employees don't have to call the taxi company hotline every time; they just send an order directly to the transportation company with one click. It's also a convenient solution for customers who can scan the QR code and similarly order a taxi for themselves.

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