App that helps your drivers

The most effective and advanced app for taxi drivers on the market. Intuitive, with many options that appreciate your drivers every day.
Phone with a driver app with texts.

Make your drivers work easier

Improve your drivers’ work with a smart and advanced application.

Convenience and benefits for the drivers

The driver can use the app on several devices. The system allows to switch between devices without losing the queue or information about the job being processed.
Safety first
When the driver activates the alarm procedure, the dispatchers and other drivers receive information about his current location. It also sends to the dispatchers the photos from the device's front camera, giving a view of the interior of the vehicle.
Hands-free solutions
For the driver’s convenience, the app reads out loud information about jobs placed on the bid, internal company messages or details of the received job (e.g. comments to the address).
Clear interface
A clear interface makes navigation easier. That is the guarantee of faster and efortless everyday work.
Two versions: basic and extended
The driver can choose what view he wants to see.

Hands-free solutions and convinient features

Course navigation
Use Google Maps, Here Maps or other maps to navigate you from point to point.
Voice or SMS notifications
Receive information however you like. Notifications can be read out loud, or drivers can get them via SMS.
Statistics of zones
Drivers can see reports on their mobile phones and see statistics for zones all the time.
Sending a message to/from the call-center
Communicate with drivers and send messages to an individual driver or a specific group.
Fair distribution of jobs
Drivers always have the chance to receives jobs based on their location or performance.
Screenshot of a driver app inside messages panel.

Frequently asked questions

Some functions of our applications, e.g. maps, cash registers, communication systems with the headquarters, operate continuously — even when the driver is not using them at a given moment. This happens because we want orders or messages to be displayed immediately when they appear in the system. iOS phones disable background features to reduce battery consumption and there are issues with our apps, so we've decided to disable and no longer support the driver app on iOS systems.

Yes, both the route and price are suggested values. The driver can freely modify them even after completing the course.

The application is free! It is mandatory equipment for the driver. Check out our attractive pricing here.
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